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Usually this means your original exposure to maths is weak. Your teachers, when teaching in a large class setting, could not help you understand it well. With limiting beliefs about yourself, applying the wrong approach, no wonder it feels hard. We handle this by being patient and explain basic concepts differently to strengthen foundations!


You are likely to give up easily only when they dislike the feeling of failure. This reinforces your sense of inadequacy. We combat this by being encouraging, and letting them know that the mistake is a good learning experience. Feedback is the best way to improve. You then will learn to trust yourself and your capabilities to do a better job next time.


Almost all students who "hate" maths only see numbers and repetitive tasks. We eliminate this problem by enabling students like you to "see" mathematics from the lens of your interests. When you incorporate what you like, such as hobbies, into understanding math concepts, you realise how easy it is to apply mathematics into the real world.

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"Ms Felicia has helped me tremendously for my first year in JC and 2 years in secondary school. Mathematics used to be a subject that I feared and a lesson that I dreaded because of the heavy content and sheer number of concepts to master and to fully grasp. Ms Felicia was able to condense these topics into more comprehensive forms by explaining patiently each step and selecting useful questions of similar types to practice. During lessons, she constantly exposed me to questions that I needed to take note of that appeared more frequently in tests and also provided me with help to solve the more novel and challenging questions. She also sacrifices her time to solve questions for me and I am very grateful for her patience and the effort she puts in for her students. Now, I am no longer afraid of Math exams and have even grown to enjoy the subject because Ms Felicia has also brought me the satisfaction of solving difficult questions after mastering the basic concepts."

- Lin Hao


"Under the guidance of Ms Yap, I personally have seen improvements in my understanding and knowledge of Mathematics. Being with her for about 5 years now, I can now say that my interests in Mathematics has grown significantly. With the constant drilling of multiple questions during lessons, I am able to tackle problems much easier. Being under her tutorship allows me to clear my doubts in school so that I can understand better. Her lessons are extremely helpful and engaging, at the same time increases my passion of learning. I really appreciate being under her after so many years as she is able to deliver quality tutorship for each of her students."

- Darius Lee (SJI)


Ms Felicia is an extremely caring and dedicated teacher. She is also effective in teaching! Having been her student for about 5 years already, my math has greatly improved. Therefore, I decided to stick with her, even after I graduated. She’s always glad to help, even out of tuition when I meet problems I’m unable to solve, even when it’s late at night. Sometimes, during tuition, she even takes a step further to offer us food when we had missed breakfast! She also always makes sure that we understand and is very patient with us when we don’t comprehend concepts. When we have tests around the corner, she also tries her best to arrange extra lessons in order for us to revise under her guidance. Once again, she’s a highly effective and caring teacher. Highly recommended!

- Wanqin (Kranji Sec)


I usually go for Ms Felicia’s math classes on Saturdays at 9am. I find her lessons fun and interesting and I learnt a lot from her classes. When I was in P4, I hated Mathematics and usually scored 59 -68. But after Ms Felicia taught me, I started to grow interest in math and liked math. She helped me get high A’s and for PSLE I also got an A. Ms Felicia is very helpful and has helped me a lot in math. She is also very kind and extremely patient. If we do not understand, she would always be there for us, to teach us the correct solution to the math problems. Simply Maths is the best math tuition centre.

- Charlotte (SCGS)



Before I joined, I was getting b to c average grade in my math. After having lessons from Ms Felicia, my math slowly improved. She taught me many tactics to tackle difficult problems. After her king and caring teaching, I managed to get an A grade for PSLE. That was not the end. In secondary school, she continued to guide me with my mathematics. Whenever I needed help for school questions, she would teach me how to tackle challenging questions. Under her guidance, I managed to get 90% for my mathematics in secondary two end of year examinations. Now I am in secondary three this year and I look forward in achieving my A’s both in A Maths and E Maths.

- Cara (SCGS)



This tuition is very good and I was able to understand most of what I’ve learnt and I was also able to clarify my doubts. After having this tuition, my math results improved a lot too! I improved by around 15 marks within a few months. I feel that the tuition helped me a lot and also the tutor is very kind and patient!




This tuition has helped me tremendously in terms of my discipline in math. I used to really dislike math because I was not good at it and didn’t receive the necessary full understanding in school. After this tuition, Ms Felicia has motivated me and given me more confidence when I do math. Nowadays I definitely make the effort to do my homework, which makes me practise math at least twice a week! This tuition is a very good way for me to keep trying and trying. Even if I don’t know how to do some questions, I still try and ask Ms Felicia if I don’t understand anything. My math grades have definitely improved after attending this tuition and with continuous practice. Now, I have learnt to appreciate math more and attempt questions with a lot more confidence. Because of Ms Felicia’s belief in me, I have managed to cope with my math and I strongly believe this tuition will continue to benefit me in the future.

- Dillon (NJC)


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